Teacher training

Teacher training

  • Teacher training
    Texts containing practical examples and exercises for teacher training.

Teacher training

Teacher training


Building bridges between home and school by “The six types of involvement”: The Action Team as a first step directing to the programs of school, family, and community partnerships

Intercultural sensitivity

It is a peculiar competence of taking up dialogue with others and drawing values for one’s own development from this contact. (M. Bennett 1991) The key to defining intercultural sensitivity level is, according to Bennett, the cultural difference category - as seen by an individual. Bennett suggests that intercultu...

Mutual adjustment

One of the most important skills in intercultural dialogue is to adjust one’s language code to the interlocutor’s language skills and knowledge. Le Page and Tabouret-Keller present in their book Acts of identity (1985) some useful concepts for describing the acts of identity in intercultural dialogue.

Norms and values

Distinguish norms and values; request examples. Discuss examples of polite and impolite behaviour from own standards ("what you find normal") and values (what you find "important", "of value")

Panel discussion

The media (for example: TV, radio, newspapers, Internet) give a piece of advice to parents, and also the information that are currently needed, such as: curricula, optional and evening activities, role of parents in school life and process of education of a child, environmental conditions.


A learned attitude as a consequence of which people have an opinion or value judgement concerning other individuals or groups.

The use of moral dilemmas

The use of the dilemma method in a lot of different contexts demonstrated that it can contribute to promoting not only moral development, but also some cognitive, communicative and affective capacities that are basic to a democratic discourse and culture, focusing on multiplicity of values, tolerance, negotiation, a...