Unit 5

Unit 5

Programming and implementing cooperation at the school level

Part One – Individual accounts, also by means of prepared grids, about:

a) Where the minority parents stay with respect to the school and how the school and/or the teacher manage to bring them closer
b) How the teacher interprets his/her role in communicating with minority parents
c) Reasons, outcomes and limits of the methods adopted for improving the participation of parents: parents’ room - information desk - sport/entertaining activities - cultural mediation – mentoring - storytelling – scaffolding - differentiation (individually oriented teaching plan, portfolio, logbook) - intercultural and interdisciplinary teaching

Part Two: Strategies at the group and institution level

a) Focus group on problems emerging from cases presented in Unit 2, and personal experience accounted on in Unit 5.
b) Proposals for starting or developing initiatives of Good-ID in a specific school and social context.

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