Unit 3

Unit 3

Programming and implementing observational training (To develop during student teachers training period in classes with minority children)

Part One

Individual work of gathering observations, by means of previously constructed grids, about:

a) Where the minority parents stay with respect to the school and how to bring them closer

b) How the class teachers interpret their role in communicating with minority parents

c) The role of the school as system and of the teachers as actors for the solution of minority children problems;
methods adopted for improving the participation of parents: - parents’ room - information desk -
sport/entertaining activities - cultural mediation – mentoring - story telling – scaffolding - differentiation (individually oriented teaching plan, portfolio, logbook) - intercultural and interdisciplinary teaching

Part Two

Group discussion of synthetic individual reports about observational training, which will be presented as part of the final dissertation of the Specialization School.

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