Unit 2

Unit 2

School-family relationships as a pedagogical resource

a) Presentation and discussion of cases from the literature on teacher/parents communication (see grid)
b) School and the family as educational agencies: their traditional role and the new tasks in the current society.
c) Centrality of the relationship between school and family in order to exert their role at best on behalf of children’s academic achievement and well being
d) Obstacles to a good relationships between school and family

Unit 2, second part

Teachers/parents relationships in a multiethnic context

a) School problems of children from ethnic minorities in a multicultural social context
b) Figures and features of immigrant children in Italian schools
c) Improving academic achievement and well-being of minority children by creating a dialogical cooperation between the teachers and ethnic minority parents. Reasons, aims, strategies and problems for a good ID (See grid)
d) The role of the school as system and of the teachers as agents for the solution of the problems

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