Unit 1

Unit 1

Part One:

What does teacher training mean.

a) Individual work: What’s a teacher like?

“How do I imagine my professional life as a teacher”.

“My best teacher: why I think he/she was so good”

b) Group discussion of accounts also in the light of a grid (ex. like the one in this example or a three dimensional model of learning: Competences – skills – motivation)

Part Two:

School/family relationships

a) Individual work: “When my parents went to speak with my teachers”

b) Group discussion: School and the family as educational agencies: their traditional role and the new tasks in the current society
Centrality of the relationship between school and family in order to exert their role at best on behalf of children’s academic achievement and well being

c) Analysis of obstacles to good relationships between school and family - the role of teachers and of the school as a system

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