Self-produced booklets by migrant parents about their own educational background

Self-produced booklets by migrant parents about their own educational background

The migrant parents’ experiences and history about their own educational background are the basis for telling and writing about the Danish school system and its pedagogical background.

To make a folder that compares the migrant parents’ educational background with the Danish school system and its pedagogical background. The aim is to create dialog and understanding.   
How to do:

1. Meeting – parents and teachers
a. The parents in each class talk together two and two about their own educational background. They talk about their experiences with: education, homework, discipline, teachers, school yard, and how their parents worked together with the teachers.  
Each pair of parents agrees on a history they want to tell, and the stories will be recorded on tape.
b. The parents talk together about their children’s education, and choose one ore two stories, and the stories will also be recorded on tape.
An interpreter helps the teacher to translate and write the stories. These stories are collected in a small booklet.
The small booklet will be sent home to all the parents.
2. Meeting – parents and teachers
In this meeting the parents tell their story. The teachers and the other parents ask questions and compare with their own education and school. Then they compare with their children’s education and school and their way of learning. 
3. Meeting – Parents, teachers and children
In this meeting the children create plays about their parent’s stories. (There will be taken a lot of photos of every subject)

The subject of the sketches and the histories are:

  • Education
  • Professionalisme
  • Homework
  • Discipline
  • Teachers
  • Break
  • Parents and teachers work together

After each subject there will be discussions, comparisons and questions about the subject and to the teaching which is going on (right) now for the children. Subjects, discussions, arguments and questions are written and collected together with the photos in a (small) booklet.
The booklets are sent to the parents.
Through dialogue, debate, arguments and questions, the two booklets the parents have made themselves are going to be used as a key to understanding. In addition it creates knowledge and the possibility to ask questions.
The booklet can be adapted to different age levels.

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