A learned attitude as a consequence of which people have an opinion or value judgement concerning other individuals or groups. Prejudices become apparent in stereotypes or generalisations. They frequently know a contradictory character just like stereotypes: ' they are lazy ' and ' they catch our jobs '. Prejudices originate frequently from incorrect opinions or statements and generalisations/ stereotyping.
Examples of an incorrect opinion/statement:

  • In Portugal the weather it is always nice
  • Gay men are relatively smooth relatively and have therefore a good link with their mother
  • Girls with red hair can kiss well
  • All immigrants are Muslim
  • All Muslims are fundamentalists

Examples of prejudices, stereotypes and generalisations:
Remy, a Tunisian boy, enters a bus. Daisy sits in the same bus near a Ms.
The Ms. sees Remy coming in and put her handbag close to her body.  She says against Daisy that Moroccan young people are dangerous (stereotype/generalisation). "Your handbag is not safe if such a boy passes by (prejudice)".
Joost Jansen does his alternative punishment in swimming pool “The Gulf”. Joost is convicted for drunken driving and have to do on eight Saturday mornings clean-up works in '”The Gulf”. The pool manager has already informed the other cleaners. They reacted indignant; "Criminals are all the same (stereotyping/generalisation). Let's put our bags away when he comes (prejudice), because he steels everything what he sees.
Ramesh from Nepal tells: I have been almost 10 years in the Netherlands and have work as a computer programmer. If I’m honest, I think that many Dutch think that:

  • all immigrants are Islamic
  • all immigrants are the same
  • we constantly need support and help
  • most of the immigrants are stupid
  • a foreign diploma is less worth is than a Dutch diploma

Dialogue concerning examples in relation to parents – teachers.
Conscious of stereotypes/generalisations and preconceptions the student have.
Fill in firstly your opinion and discuss afterwards in your group if it concerns a stereotyping or prejudice/preconception.
Which stereotyping and prejudices which you use sometimes, have encountered you much, during making this task? How comes you think?


What do you think of:  normal  ridiculous nicely different?
two women who walk arm in arm?    two men who walk arm in arm?    a man in a tight pink pullover?    a man in a tight pink pullover?    someone with a cock-peak haircut?    complete thick a person?    a woman with a nijab?    someone with a head shaved?    someone without teeth?    someone with dreadlocks?    a girl and boy kisses on the street?      two women who kiss on the street?    two men who kiss on the street?    gay wedding?    a praying Moslem?    a man in a swimming trouser on skates?    the profession imam?    the profession prostitute?    someone with tattoo’s?    someone who is drunk?    someone with 6 children?    the professional teacher?   

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