Norms and values

Norms and values

Distinguish norms and values; request examples. Discuss examples of polite and impolite behaviour from own standards ("what you find normal") and values (what you find "important", "of value"):
make eye contact yes/no, hand shake firmly/slack, address on behaviour, be on time come, etc..
Instruction work form for the students:

  1. Conversation code: no discussion only listens.
  2. Work by means of interview technique within - and outside ring.
  3. Discuss of a number of questions of education, training and friendship.
  4. Make an appointment about time and the number of questions you agree and then go further to the Right.

Values and standards with respect to the education

  • What do you find important that children of their parents learn?
  • If you have children yourself: Are you a strict father/mother?
  • Do you have rules for your children? (At eating? at sleeping? doing domestic jobs? handle the elderly?)  Do you have other rules for daughters then for sons?
  • Do you find that to boys and little girls the same rules must apply?
  • Which rules apply to boys in a family? 
  • Which rules apply to (little) girls in a family?
  • What do you think of children have their own chamber?
  • Do you find it important that your child/children get pocket money? If so, as from which age?
  • Of whom do you get child/children sexual information?
  • What do you find important to tell about this your child/children?
  • Do you find good school training important? For boys? For little girls?
  • Which tasks you think that boys and little girls in the family must carry out?
  • On which age can children only go out? Is this for boys and little girls the same?
  • On which age children should live alone?
  • Do you do want add something?

Values and standards with respect to training and work

  • You find work important?
  • Do you find training important?
  • What kind of work you gladly wants to do?
  • With your head or with your hands and why?
  • What kind of work you definitely wants to do? What not?
  • Do you find it important getting support by finding a job or school?
  • Who should be the breadwinner in a family? The man or the woman or together?
  • Do you find that employers must take into account the religious context of their employees? Why, however, or why not? If so, how?

Values and standards with respect to friendships and relations

  • Who makes, according to you, the first step to lay contact? The man or the woman?
  • What is for you the ideal form of household? Single, with a family, with the complete family, with group friends, living-apart-together, or....?
  • Which values and standards find you important in a relation?
  • You think marry is important? If so, why?
  • In the Netherlands many people only live alone. How do you find that?
  • Do you find that married men and married women can have friends for themselves?
  • Which values and standards do you find as important in a friendship? 
  • Do you think that your friends must have the same context (training, religion, interests) as yourself?

Discussion questions

  • How you did you find to hear other values and standards without giving your opinion?
  • On which points clashed your ideas with that of another?
  • Was that about values or norms?

Then think about the following questions:

  • Which values and standards from your own culture do you certainly preserve?
  • Which values and standards/norms in the Netherlands you find important will you be able to function well?
  • Which values and standards from your own culture can cause perhaps problems in The Dutch (work) culture?
  • Discuss this firstly in your group and then in the classroom.
  • Inventory values and standards of the group students or school team.

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