Model course 3

Model course 3

"Welcome"-workshops for migrant parents

Parents, specially migrants parents, are reluctant to come into the school. If school is taking parents involvement serious, they make effort to reach out to parents and try to find ways to get them involved and participating in school activities.

Theory: How to engage parents

In order to make (migrant) parents feel welcome, accepted and taken serious in the school of their children we offer them welcome workshops. In these workshops parents ( migrant and indigenous) learn to know each other, learn from each other's educational background, about each other's values and how they try to pass these on to their children.

They have conversations about their children’s school performances and learn by the way the school language  in which teachers are used to speak.

Theory: Empowerment of parents

The aim is to make communication about school education easier. Parents learn and talk about what they can do to support their children’s learning. Themes and subjects are as much as possible offered in a non verbal way - like symbols, playing cards, photo’s, slides, videos/DVD’s - to make things easier to understand at first sight.
Parents formulate what they expect of the teachers. They also find out what the school expects from them. All this empowers parents in their self confidence and educational attitude, so they can support better the academic performances of their children.
Another way to create a dialogue between parents and school in order to support their children’s learning, is to let parents participate in classroom activities. They learn what their child is doing, they talk about it and enjoy carrying out assignments together.

Theory: Dialogue models

Practical example: Welcome workshop

Practical example: Parents workshop schoolstart

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