Intercultural sensitivity

Intercultural sensitivity


It is a peculiar competence of taking up dialogue with others and drawing values for one’s own development from this contact. (M. Bennett 1991) The key to defining intercultural sensitivity level is, according to Bennett, the cultural difference category - as seen by an individual. Bennett suggests that intercultural learning is a process which is distinguished by continuous progress and the fact that an individual’s intercultural sensitivity development stage may be diagnosed


  • Development of diagnostic skills concerning the level of intercultural sensitivity
  • Deepening the awareness of our own cultural determinants

Assignment description:

  • Having an interview with a selected person on the subject of cultural diversity .
  • Lecture on T. Bennett’s theory
  • Analyzes of the interview from the angle of Bennett’s theory – a diagnosis of the interviewed person’s intercultural sensitivity level development.
  • Talking in pairs: How do I assess my own intercultural sensitivity level development? What events in my life have contributed to this development?


  • Application of intercultural sensitivity concept
  • Development interpretative skills
  • Deepening the awareness of cultural background

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