Intercultural education - organisation culture

Intercultural education - organisation culture


  • Building the culture of cooperation process between school and family
  • Integration of beliefs, values and actions

Assignment description:

1. E.Schein’s culture concept presentation

2. Working in small groups:

  • Selection of values – the desired state of things, which they want to respect in intercultural education;
  • Identification of beliefs of the group members (concerning the world, people, relations between people, space, time, school, connections between school and the public) lying at the basis of selected values;
  • Common planning of artefacts (material, behavioural and oral) connected with the presence of children and families of the minorities at school.

3. Work of the whole team: establishing school procedures of cooperation with the families of students of minority group background.


  • Reflection on intercultural education
  • Establishing ‘School strategy of cooperation with families of students coming from minority groups’
  • Introducing the acquired knowledge and skills within building intercultural dialogue in practice.
  • Development of team work
  • Implementation knowledge acquired and skills in practice

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18 februar 2015


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