Cultural autobiography

Cultural autobiography

discovering one’s cultural background, increasing awareness of  sense of not belonging to only one culture

Assignment description:
Students should write thoughtful autobiography concerning cultural aspects of their life experience. This paper should include such aspects as: cultural background, family structure, specific rules values and norm that operate in your family and in your life, cultural traditions etc.

These are supporting questions:

  • How would you define your cultural identity? Why do you choose to define yourself this way?
  • Have there been experiences in your life when your avowed identity was in conflict with an ascribed identity placed on you by others? Explain.
  • What experiences in life have helped to form your cultural identity?
  • Briefly describe your family structure.
  • What cultural celebrations or traditions are particular to your culture? What is the significance of these traditions? Does your family recognize these traditions?
  • In what ways has your culture been taught to you? Be specific.
  • How have your life experiences affected your relationships with and understanding of persons who are culturally different from you? (Allen 1998)

reflection on one’s cultural background and thought that one is not typical member of its own culture

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