Good inter-cultural dialogue in schools

This website is for anyone interested in improving the dialogue between the school and ethnic minority parents.A fair amount of the information on this webpage can also be used in more general intercultural dialouge-situations

We know from several studies that the academic results among ethnic minority pupils are below average.

This is i.a. due to differences in cultural background between the school and the homes of these pupils . A good dialogue between the teachers and the ethnic minority parents is an essential means to improve the academic results of and the parental support for ethnic minority pupils.  But how do you achieve a good dialogue?
Many teachers do not feel properly equipped to enter into such a dialogue. They were not given the tools during their education, and it is hard to find proper in-service training which can give them these tools.
Many ethnic minority parents do not know how to enter into dialogue with the school, and they look in vain for somebody to tell them how to do it.

The texts about the theories behind good intercultural dialouge can be used by everybody interested in intercultural communication.

It is a group of European institutions with the support of the European Commission that have developed the teaching material on this website.

The material is aimed at

  • Initial teacher training
  • In-service teacher training
  • Activities for ethnic minority parents 

The material may be used by teacher training institutions, by schools, by parents associations, and by institutions working with ethnic minorities.

The material was developed by institutions with expertise concerning teacher training, cooperation between parents and school, and ethnic minorities.

How to use the material:
This is not a textbook which should be read from one end to the other.
You should rather see it as a treasure chest from which you may pick and choose elements that suit your needs.
You will find theoretical texts, suggestions for activities, and teaching modules.
All texts and modules may be freely copied, edited, and used as you like.
We wish you good luck!
The Good-ID-in-schools team